Forbidden City, Beijing


Another childhood dream fulfilled. Being in front of the forbidden city was unreal.
The history, the atmosphere, and the overall tension that this place offers goes unmatched in all of my travels so far.


The past Sunday went I visited Tienanmen Square. A little bit of history lesson here: A very publicized demonstration occurred here, in which the students of China demonstrated against the communism structure of the country. The students demanded that China adopt the Democratic system the west uses. This ended up in bloodshed, where the army basically opened fire on the students. You can probably get more information on the internet, so I won’t get too political in this post.

Hou Hai

I absolloutely love this place. Hou Hai is a bar area, which surrounds a pond in the middle. The environment is great and lively, with live music being played everywhere. Further, the bars were very unique due to the fact there are rooftop bars! I really like this place, and have visited here a lot!



Great Wall of China

Another childhood dream fulfilled. I booked a personal tour with the hotel to go to the Great Wall of China. The walk itself was awesome (and a workout might I add). The weather was also cooperating, as it was a clear day so you have a nice scenic view from the Great Wall. Here are some pictures:




Ming Tomb

After the Great Wall, my tour guide brought me to the Ming Tomb. This was the tomb of the Ming Dynasty Kings that have passed away many centuries ago. Here I got to see a lot of the old artifacts from the Ming Dynasty times. Here are some more pictures: to see some old artifacts.



In my opinion, Beijing has been transformed into a modern city, but you can still see the history in it. I thought this gave the city a very unique element in which I have not seen yet in my short traveling career. I absolutely love Beijing.

Tune in for part 3!

[Original Post – April 2013]


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