How often do you get a meal where every dish is good from start to finish?

Let me tell you now. VERY RARELY. That’s why I was super surprised when we ate this Korean fusion restaurant called Her Chef. I am so glad that Life Boss made me come here because if she didn’t, we probably end up at some shitty pub to eating burgers or pizza and watching the game. So good on ya Life Boss.





Pretty nice little restaurant. On the wall the chef (and also owner) wrote about his life story. He came to Canada in 2012 and met his wife here. He loves cooking (of course!) and claims to every dish is made fresh. This is probably true because our food took ever to come! Now there was a big group dining ahead of us, and I suspect there is only one chef working (the owner). So I get it. But what impressed me was because we had to wait a long time, he gave us free dessert, off the menu. Not some shitty chocolate bar or ice cream, but a delicious dessert.


Impressed with your service and customer care.

Okay on to the food. I got the salmon on rice (aka Poke), life boss got the chicken Katsu. We also ordered a salad and fried shrimp to share. Let me tell you. ALL THE dishes were absolutely DELICIOUS. The salmon was so fucking fresh, and I added the signature spicy sauce just to get some zing in it. The chicken KATSU..OMG life boss hit the jackpot with this one. The chef makes his own breading, and the chicken geez I can actually taste the FRESHNESS of the chicken. Combine this with the Mayo sauce and you get one damn good dish. How about the fried shrimp? FUCKING FRESH AND THE BATTER WAS SO GOOD. The batter is actually coconut slices so man what a fucking good and unique combination! Finally the salad, I usually hate on salad but the sauce he had on the salad was super addictive! Shit this was delicious!

Salad with crazy addictive sauce
My salmon bowl!
Our food
Chicken Katsu
Fried Shrimp
Fried shrimp v2
Our free rice cake dessert (Called Gommi Gommi)


During the whole meal I kept commenting how every single dish was super delicious, and how rare that is. I just wouldn’t shut up. I was that impressed. Pretty sure everyone around me got annoyed. Pretty sure life boss got annoyed too but she didn’t care either because she was also enjoying the damn food! Everyone, this place needs to be on your MUST EAT LIST!



Written from Toronto, Home on April 27, 2019

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