Here’s a fun fact.  Sunshine coast is actually a city / area within Queensland.  Just like the gold coast.  Interesting.  I did not know that, now I have to start a new category for this city.  Oh well.  It’s the third most populated city in Queensland, with about 300K residents (yep I wiki that info up).  So why did we venture into the Sunshine Coast?  Well TO GET TANNED AND PLAY IN THE SAND!!

Well, I don’t really know how I can milk this post since you know what beaches are like…I mean is it the nicest beach I’ve been to? Of course not, the ones in cuba is really hard to top.  So it’s a knock on the Sunshine’s just…Cuba has really nice beaches hah.



Blue sky, blue sea, white sand.  Perfect day.  I was reading (harry potter for your information) and everything was just right.  Didn’t want to move.  I tried to get tan, but I don’t think it worked much.  Probably because we arrived around 3PM so the sun was not as strong as say, mid day.  Oh well.

Ohhh there was also this amazing Gelato place near the beach, and after getting dehydrated we decided to get some ice cream.


Yeah…not sure that was a good idea.  Don’t think ice cream quenches thirst.  Nor does it replenish your body fluids.  but it was dam delicious and I would go back for some more.  unfortunately, I am no longer in Australia as I am typing this.  Sigh.  need. more. gelato.


I miss beaches……


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