Life boss created a one day tour for us in Havana.

Which is good because we were with my asshole friends.


So if she didn’t plan our day we would have just been sitting in our air bnb and not doing shit.

I think we just don’t like to plan in general. Just want to go and wing the shit out of things.

But that’s not how life boss rolls. She’s a planner, likes to plan everything to the tee. Says I should be more organized and plan more shit too. True.


But why plan when you have life boss right?

hah! Brownie points!

To make Life boss happy I am going to rave all about the shit we did in our one day tour of Havana!

First off, breakfast!



This was prepared by our friendly Havana Air BnB host. Life boss recommends that you stay with a host because you don’t need to worry about breakfast. Plus you get an authentic cuban breakfast.

Though I am not sure if we had a cuban breakfast. The simple yet delicious breakfast consisting of cheese, oranges, patties, eggs, and twinkies???



Damn yo, I didn’t know a twinkie was cuban food.

I loved the twinkie, my favorite cuban food for sure =p.

Also, drink a lot of coffee because this is going to be a long ass day in Havana!

First stop – John Lennon Park.

Did you know Fidel Castro hated John Lennon? He actually impose a ban on all Beatles music, believing it will corrupt communist Cuba.

After Lennon’s death Castro decided to build a statue in his honor, partly because Lennon was now viewed as a political dissident of the US.

Ah I see. It’s all political.

Side note -> People kept stealing the glasses on the statue. Now there is a full time security guard just looking after the glasses.




Next stop is the Colon Cemetary.




Why did we visit the cemetery Life Boss?

Because it’s a very beautiful cemetery.

Sometimes life boss scares the shit out of me. And I also find her weird sometimes.

But anyhow, yes, it was super beautiful.

Was told most of the rich cubans are buried here, hence why it’s extravagant and pretty.



Revolution Square

Ah the highlight of the one day tour.

At least for me.

The revolution square.

I have a think for squares. Tienanmen square, red square etc.


Don’t ask me why.

Just love standing in the middle of the square and take some pano shots.

Chilled here for quite some time because I wanted to snap some sexy photos, which I will share with you all:






Cuban Cars

By now you are probably tired as fuck.


No worries! That means it’s time to hop on one of those cuban cars that you see in the movies. There are a bunch of cuban car tours near capitol hill, so I recommend going there to get one.

This was super fun. But man, Havana is full of fumes,  so having a top down car was not the smartest thing to do, felt like my lungs were dead.




Christ of Havana


This is a large sculpture of Jesus.

No shit Choi.

Fuck you.

Anyways, pretty impressive. Now I really want to see Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Besides Jesus, you also get a great view of Havana:


By now you should be heading home to rest!

Because I was damn exhausted by the end of this one day tour.

Go home, rest up, and figure out where to eat dinner =)



Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 7, 2018

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