I roasted Lau Pa Sat in an earlier post. 

I gave it a lot of shit, sating the food was average and that there were no satay skewer stalls there.

Well, I am here to apologize.

my bad

The satay skewer street is literally around the corner of the food centre.

I also might have missed it because it opens around 7PM, but then I should have done my research before coming here.

Wow Choi, you are a dumbass. 


Yes, no need to rub it in.

I do however need to thank my angels.

My food angels that is, for allowing me to come back here.

Because the minute I stepped into the Satay Skewer street I already I was in for some KICK ASS SKEWERS!

Opened from 7PM daily, a whole street gets closed down for satay vendors to take over. The instance we got there I already knew this was going to be an awesome kick ass meal. The fucking satay in the air was heaven.



These people must hate their job lol. They got smoke in their face the entire night.


Or maybe I am the sucker…they do get to enjoy the delicious smell of satay every night…..

Food stall # 7 / 8 is the most popular here.

So that’s where we went.

Sat down and immediately knew what we were going to order.


  • These skewers were marinated to fucking perfection. We ordered both beef and chicken skewers. I personally like the beef skewers, but the chicken skewers comes in a close second. Damn good shit here. Untitled
  • We also ordered prawn skewers because why the fuck not. Didn’t enjoy this as much, but it’s not cause it didn’t taste good. Choi’s just not a big seafood fan!UntitledUntitled
  • Vegetables because of life boss. Good but you know, it’s vegetables. Next. Untitled
  • This is our sting ray dish. What? Sting Ray? You can eat that?  You can fucking eat anything you want foo. Sting ray again was good, but I think we got it just to say we ate sting ray. Prefer the beef skewers more. Untitled

Gosh, those skewers were just….


This meal was damn delicious.

Not only one of the best satay skewers in Singapore, one of the best I HAVE EVER HAD.


On top of it all, the atmosphere is simply electrifying. Especially on a Friday night.

Beer, skewers and good company



We got set B because I WAS HUNGRY. In Hindset I should have gotten Set A because I was so damn full afterwards. Oh well, what can you do.




Our meal

Overall this was a super good meal, anchored by the satay skewers!


Kick ass environment


And kick ass atmosphere

Written from Singapore, Pan Pacific Hotel Poolside on November 26, 2017

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