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So guys, would you go to a restaurant that is very cool but has average food?

Cool as in the decor, the theme of the restaurant, or some other aspect makes the dining experience very unique.

But the food is shit.

Or at least average when you take the price into consideration.

Would you guys still go?

Choi will say hell no!

Why are you asking these questions Choi.

Because when we dined at this very cool restaurant called “Dining On Wheels” that unfortunately, in my opinion, has very average food for 75USD a person.


Now, before we go any further I want to tell you why we chose to eat here was because:

  1. It’s in the hotel
  2. There is nothing to eat around the hotel
  3. We are lazy

Okay. Maybe #3 is mainly me. Choi is damn lazy and he doesn’t want to go out for dinner when he is tired. So life boss said “let’s go to this rail way carriage restaurant thingy”.

Yes she says “thingy” a lot.

So off we went to this carriage restaurant!

Sri Lanka

Okay first things first.

You have to made a reservation first with the “captain” of the train. He usually chills at the lobby so just walk up to him and say you want to make a reso at the restaurant. He will tell you when to arrive, and will give you an actual train ticket.

Too cool!


We arrived at the restaurant at the pre-agreed reservation time.

Sat down and we were greeted by the head chef that took our orders personally.


Damn, I guess that’s the kind of service you get fore 75USD. Don’t think I have ever had a head chef take my order before.

Anyhow, the following is a play by play of the FOOD that we got!

  • oh my god the bread was so good!! We finished the ENTIRE batch of bread which is horrible for us because this is a fucking 6 course meal. How the hell are we going to finish our dinner?Untitled
  • For my starter I got the beef carpaccio which didn’t blow me away. Sorry. Untitled
  • Some eggplant appetizer for Life Boss. Also didn’t blow her away. Oh no, is this going to be a waste of 75USD?Untitled
  • Next up: the mushroom and chicken broth! So damn good! We both loved this one. Got us very hungry!Untitled
  • The third course came. I know, it seems like this is the 15th course already. This was the prawn tomatoes that life boss got…it was super good…..Untitled
  • My third course was the pan fried filet fish which was meh…once again life boss orders a better dish than me..Untitled
  • The pallet cleanser came next. I got the strawberry with ice whilst she got the pineapple ice cube. Life boss really likes her pineapple. Untitled
  • The main dish came. I got the steak (duh) which was not that juicy. BUT hey! At least it’s chewable! I hate steaks that’s tough like a brick that’s about to break my mouth open. This was one I can still chew so all is good. Untitled
  • But the highlight must be life boss lamb chops. SHIT these were good! Alright life boss, I will say you won this meal!Untitled
  • Finally, the dessert. I got the cheese cake. Not sure how to review cheese cakes. It’s very cheesy??Untitled
  • Her tart?I forgot her comment on this as I didn’t write it down haha. Untitled

Overall the meal was just average.

Not Impressed
I expected better quality for 75USD a person. But I guess you come for the experience of eating in an abandoned train carriage.

During our meal they even played fake train sounds. The “train conductor” even shaked the carriage to mimic the actual movements of a moving train.



Cool restaurant with average food. Your choice if you want to check this out!




Written from Toronto, Home on July 12, 2018

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