Chiang Mai


Life boss and I are on VACATION!

And if you are not, then too bad for you!


Our first stop?

Beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand!

I was sooooooooooooo excited to visit Chiang Mai since it was my first time here. I mean, I get excited when it’s the first time for anything.

First time driving – exciting

First time white water rafting – exciting

First time holding a girls hand – SUPER EXCITING! SO EXCITING!


Alright I will.

When I asked Life boss what is a must do in Chiang Mai, she said temples and hiking.

I say fuck that.

fuck that

I am in Chiang Mai to sleep, eat and enjoy my gorgeous hotel! Of course, we did go out to see shit and eat shit, but for me the Anatara Resort that we stayed in, was simply kick ass.


Don’t believe me? Well fuck you.

But I will try to persuade you regardless, with my 5 awesome reasons:

# 1 – Luxurious Rooms

The rooms here are simply AWESOME! AND HUGE!

We were with family so we decided to go with the three bedroom suite, and it did not disappoint:





A spacious 160SQM apartment suite, this motherfucker puts my hong kong place to shame.

Not only is it bigger, but it has:

  • 4 washrooms – Choi’s small ass Hong Kong apartment only has 1
  • Open Kitchen – Choi’s small ass apartment has a “semi” open kitchen
  • Laundry room – Hah! This is a luxury in Hong Kong
  • Living room – sort of like my living room except for extravagant and nicer and luxurious and more comfortable. Basically everything my living room is not. 

This is luxury at its finest. I wish I could buy something like this in the future…no money though.

In Anatara, you can choose the regular rooms which is in the actual resort, or you can rent an entire apartment suite which is just across from the resort.

You get the same amenities, so why the fuck not get an entire apartment to yourself?


# 2 – Located conveniently in the middle of the city

The following attractions are all walking distance from the resort: UPDATE ALL THE LINKS TO THE ONES I HAVE POSTED!!!

  • Night Bazaar (this was shit though, click here to read more)
  • Temples (we booked a tuk tuk tour to bring us to the many temples in Chiang Mai, but honestly could have walked it.
  • The delicious market called Pratu Chiang Mai (only a 15 – 20 minute walk)
  • The many massage parlors around the area

Location, is simply the best.


# 3 – Infinity Pool

Maybe the best part of the resort.


We had a blast just chilling the entire afternoon here. Ordered some pizzas and beers and we were GOOD TO GO!


Yes. Can’t get away from pizza.

At least I didn’t throw in this gorgeous pool:




Quick question – why do all the girls like to post in the above pose?

Like they are having some deep thoughts or something. But really they are probably thinking the following:

“What am I going to have for dinner”

“I had a really good poo today”

“What did I eat for breakfast?”

You know. Stupid shit like that.

Anyways, the infinity pool was just awesome.


This is le brother.

He does not know how to swim.

He’s 30.


If the infinity pool gets busy (and it probably will), you can head over to the resort to chill at that pool. Pretty nice as well!



# 4 – Great breakfast

Our room rate included breakfast, which meant we ate like monsters here.

The breakfast restaurant is located across from the river, which means you can be zen while stuffing your mouth with chicken wings and pad thai.




On the top of my head there are:

  • chicken wings
  • egg station
  • noodle station
  • fresh fruits
  • pastries
  • shit load of curry dishes

That’s just to name a few.

ON TOP of that, you can order from the a la carte menu which has asian delights such as wonton noodles and pad see ew.

Want an American touch? Order a Mac and Cheese like Choi.

The fuck Choi? Mac and Cheese in Thailand?


That’s right.

You got a problem with that?

Was it good Choi?


It was shit.


# 5 – Great Service

Finally, the resort provides top notch service to you.

Everyone, from the front desk, to the house cleaning, to concierge were all very helpful and patient.

Because Choi is not really patient nowadays.  But everyone tried their best to make sure our stay was as pleasant as possible.

Choi appreciates this, and is very impressed with the service.

good job

They even decorated our bed on our first night:


Ah so romantic.

Too bad life boss did not give a shit, she just said what the fuck and then tossed all the flower petals on the ground.


I hope these 5 reasons makes you consider staying at the Anatara. I do not get paid for doing these reviews (because my blog does not get enough hits and visitors).

So yeah, this is an authentic review not those “I will get a commission if you click on this link” kind of bullshit.

Trust me on this one!

Written from Chiang Mai, Anatara Service Suites Resort on May 11, 2018

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