I am embarrassed.  All this time I have never blogged about Ximending in Taipei!!! Well, better late than never.  I apologize in advance for writing about a place that I visited long time ago (well late last year).  Anyways, shall we get on with the post? Ximending is one the most famous shopping districts in Taipei (again, I am embarrassed for not even mentioning this place in my earlier posts).  This place is also a fashion district, tourist attraction, and also a great source for Japanese culture (Japan occupied Taiwan for a period of time, so it has a big influence in terms of culture).


There are also a lot of good food around this area (see Taipei food section).  From toilet restaurants, to beef noodles to duck meat you can find almost anything here.  For the ladies, the shops here will rival that of Mong Kok or Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.

At night, there are also a lot of street performers.  Aside from that, there are also a lot of painters that would paint you (or for you) for a nominal fee, of course.  It’s a very lively place and is something you must experience, aside from the night markets in Taipei.


Getting here is also really easy.  Just hop on the metro, and get off at…you guessed Ximen Station.  Just follow the exit signs leading you to the entrance of Ximending.  Alternatively, just ask any of the locals.  Everyone in Taipei knows Ximending!!

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