2016 Ponders



May 1 – jet lag..

May 2 – so frustrating

May 3 – “I long to accomplish something great and noble, but it is my duty to accomplish simple humble tasks as if they were great and noble”

May 4 – Time zones are confusing the shit out of my body

May 5 – My passport is going to be full of VISAs, and then I will need to buy a new one.  I got a new passport last year.

May 8 – on my worst behavior

May 9 – It’s all messed up but we’ll survive, Oh life. – OLP

May 10 – off to Saudi!

May 11 – My first meal in Riyadh? Burritos…lol

May 13 – Riyadh…is kind of boring..

May 16 – Raptors win!

May 17 – Weird Dreams I have

May 18 – Auditing the Royal Family.  Now that’s a first!

May 19 – the prince is not happy…

May 21 – thus life

May 22 – Raptors Win! First loss for Cavs! haha in your face LeBron!

May 23 – Worry only about the things that are under your control.

May 24 – Raptors Win! two wins from the finals! in your face Lebron!

May 28 – Raptors lost……thank you for a great season.

May 29 – So zeennnn! I want to stay home!

May 30 – Should have bought that stock

May 31 – GSW!

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