I have developed a love for Malaysian dishes ever since I went to Langkawi last year. How can you not like saucy shit mixed with rice and meat and veggies and then you toss it all together?  Oh my god it was soooooo good.  So when I was told to try out this supposedly “michelin” Malaysian restaurant called Cafe Malacca I said okay!


Fuck that Michelin shit.  This shit ain’t that good.  Albeit we ordered Skewers and veggies and stuff that wasn’t that good in this restaurant.  We should’ve ordered something else.



Yeah pretty shit in my opinion, and my standards aren’t even that high.

What did save this dinner (sort of) was the Bak Kut Teh (Pork Bone Soup) which is really popular in Singapore and Malaysia.  Funny I don’t think I did have this dish in Langkawi, but I did have it in Singapore so scoreeeeee.  Yeah okay this restaurant did an okay job for this dish.  If I ever crave for Bak Kut Teh I will come back, but probably only for that.


We also ordered fried eggplants, it was aight.  Nothing special.

The service was pretty shitty, the dumbass waiter kept lecturing about how we don’t know wine.  It’s like shut up.  Just give us the damn wine.  Like okay we ordered to the 2005 wine because that’s what you have on the menu but you end up bringing us a 2012 wine.  Don’t tell us 2012 is better than 2005.  Just bring us our damn food we don’t care.

Okay sorry had to vent there.  Yeah overall not the best restaurant.  These “Michelin” starred restaurants…getting kind of skeptical of it..


Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 4, 2016


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  1. Oh wow – sounds like an experience I don’t have to repeat. This place is still on my ‘restaurants-to-visit’ list but maybe I give it a miss?!

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