Finally.  I have made it to Taronga Zoo to look at some animal shit. To be fair, the reason I have not been to Taronga zoo to look at animal shit before was because I always go to Sydney during Winter.  And I am assuming most of the animals that are kept in Australia, will not be on display during the “cold ass” winter.  Yes I ” “ed cold because it’s not really that cold ass.  It’s like fall weather.  But I don’t know if the animals here can take that kind of “cold ass”.

Plus, I don’t even know if they are opened during that time.  Actually I think they do.  But whatever.


I have no idea what the above animal is called.

The weather was super damn gorgeous, so to me it was the best time to go.  My advice? Go early! Why, um because you can avoid the damn crowds.  You also have so much more time to spend on looking at animals shit and just wandering around.  Plus after you are done, you can go back to the hotel rest up, and go out for some more Sydney fun.


Also, I advise that you buy your ticket at the Circular Quay Wharf.  That way you don’t need to walk up to the entrance of the zoo to get your tickets.  Instead, once you get off the Ferry you can go straight to the cable car.  Sweet ass, no more walking!  And the best part? All free yeahhh!!!!  I also think it’s a good idea to take the cable car, because you will be walking downwards through the zoo…instead of going up the whole time.

Oh yeah.  You have to take a ferry to get to the zoo, just go to Circular Quay.  Or you can just drive.  Rich ass.

Taronga zoo is super big ass zoo.  A lot of animals shit too. It took us about 3 hours to finish, but if we took our time we could’ve probably stayed the whole day.  Probably could’ve done a lunch or a picnic here.  Yep. It was super awesomeness fun.

The Giraffes by the way, have the best damn view in all of Sydney. Lucky animal shits.


Written from Sydney, Four Points Sheraton on March 17, 2016



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