You spend a day at the beach, getting tanned, getting dehydrated, getting hungry.  What do you do? You find the nearest restaurant.  Sometimes you get lucky and go to a good restaurant.  Sometimes you get unlucky and go to a crappy restaurant.

This time around, we were lucky.  Super lucky.



Background story, we went to manly to get some tanning on.  We got off the wharf and though the little are of sand was Manly Beach, so we stayed there for two hours.  Yes I know, the actual beach is down the street from the wharf.  Anyways that’s not the point.


We stayed at the “beach” for about 2 hours and naturally got hungry.  We were told there was an excellent pizza place near the wharf, called Hugos. Pizza? sign me up please!

Yes, just like we were told Hugo’s was located right at the wharf.  Got there, and luckily it was 3PM so there wasn’t much of a wait.  But there was still a lot of people..which meant that this place can only be good.


We ordered the Chorizo because I wanted meat.  After doing some research online afterwards, I realized I should have ordered the Fig.  I will get that next time.  While I was waiting for my pizza, I noticed that Hugo won the 2015 best pizza restaurant award.


Scoreeeeeeeee.  Was super excited for my pizza.

The pizza came.  Yep.  It was good.  But, not to be critical but it wasn’t the BEST pizza I have had.  But still, it was good enough that I made a mental note to come back.  So yes, positive reviews all around from yours truly.

Next time you are at manly, try this place!

Written from Sydney, Four Points Sheraton on March 17, 2016


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10 replies

  1. Hugos! Yes! Loved it: great views and atmosphere (and I even liked my chorizo pizza!). Hope you made it to Four Pines for some lovely locally brewed beers! 🙂

  2. Omg that pizza looks incredible ❤

  3. I’d fly there just for the pizza!

  4. Oh my god I want pizza right now!

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