Wow, what a struggle in China.  Was not able to write anything (i could access through my phone but it’s tough writing a post on it).  Now that I am back in Hong Kong I have a lottttttt to write about.  And by that, I mean a lot of food posts will be coming your way soon.  Ate a lot.  We landed on the Sunday night, and for some miraculous reason we all wanted to have Japanese food.  And you know, we know a pretty good japanese restaurant just near our hotel.  It’s called Maruyama.


The english address is Shanghai Maxdo Center Co.,Ltd., 9 Zunyi S Rd, Changning, Shanghai, China.  I don’t have the chinese equivalent handy, but it’s near the Sheraton Hongqiao (where I stayed).


First thing we ordered was of course sashimi.  I mean, how can you say you like japanese food if you don’t order sashimi?  So good…..I probably should have posted this picture last, because now it seems like i posted the same picture back to back.  Oh well, I am an accountant not a designer.


Since we were in Shanghai, we had to order dumplings.  Even though we weren’t in a dumpling restaurant, we still ordered dumplings.  Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings.  It was gooooood.  japanese style i guess you can say?  I forgot what type of meat this was though.


And finally, my favorite dish.  Beef steak.  japanese style.  Teriyaki sauce.  Yum.  Winner.  Must order again next time.

What was good about this place was it was not too pricey.  Usually you find japanese restaurants in China will charge an outrageous price because 1) They probably had to import all the seafood 2) They had to do a lot of tests to make sure things were not fake 3) Chinese people got a lot of money.

All valid reasons, in my opinion haha.

The place is in a mall called Maxdo, but I don’t remember which floor it was on.  I want to say it was on the third…..but I could be wrong. The mall is empty anyways so it’s not like it will take you forever to maneuver around the crowds to find it.  Here, I’ll help you out by posting a picture of the restaurant:




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