Kaohsiung and Cijin is known for seafood, so that’s why we had to go eat seafood.  We went to a random seafood restaurant in the Cijin island, and ordered A LOT OF SEAFOOD DISHES.  Shrimp, scallops, calamari, you name it.  Well, we were hungry after 2 hours of biking ok?  we can pig out =)



How was the seafood? pretty good.  I think it’s because Cijin island is a seaport, that’s why the seafood is a fresher.  Love the shrimp dish, the sauce was also interesting because it’s not your usual soy sauce plus hot peppers.  It’s more of a sweet vinegar sauce.  Man Taiwan people love their sweet stuff.


Ordered scallops.  Pretty general dish.  Don’t know know how else to say about this dish.  Moving on.


Veggie dish.  For the girls.


We got this dish for free from the restaurant.  I personally think it’s because they wanted to get rid of this dish.  Maybe it was a mistake or something.  It was like fried melon or something.  Like tempura.  It was tasty so I can’t complain.


Ordered beer.  Why…pineapple beer…..because of the girls….pineapple beer was nasty.  Do not order anything fruity with beer please.  No one can finish it.  It’s too sweeeeettt.

And finally, a picture of the restaurant (from the inside haha)


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