Buddddha.  Gold Buddha.  Ten Thousand Buddhas.  Located in Sha Tin, you can get here by getting off the Sha Tin MTR station, taking exit B.  Go left and down, until you see Ikea.  Take a left, and then when you see the government building (it’s white) go right.  See, so easssyyy.


I will even attach a photo with the sign for your easy reference:

2And here’s the entrance of the monastery:


Not sure why I came here on a Sunday afternoon, but I think I just needed some zen and alone time (emo time alert!).  Plus, it’s near where I live so I just did it.

As the name says, there’s a lot of buddhas.  I guess there’s about 10,000 there?  The toughest part was walking up to the monastery, prepare for a 15 minute hike.  AND it gets really steep.  So just watch out, and walk slowly pleaseeeee.

Once you get to the top, you will get to see some pretty unique Buddhist statues here.  Show you a couple right now:



There’s also a little pond with turtles!  There were so many turtles, haha they were just chilling and sun bathing.  What a life.  I wish I could do the same too.


After you are done looking at the top part of the monastery, make your way down (not all the way down) where you can see the pagoda.


There was a bit of people here on a Sunday afternoon, so I guess it’s sort of a big deal?  A lot of people praying and buying incense.  Good for them, get some exercise, and get some zen to themselves.


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