Daisy and Julie wanted to go brunch on a weekend.  More like lunch as we always end up eating at 12 anyways.  The good thing about traveling with the girls though is that they pick some awesome, good tasting restaurants to try out.  If it was just me I’d probably end up eating at the hotel, and then this blog will die because I will have nothing to blog about.



Arti and Mai is a nice little restaurant that is located in the suburban area of Brisbane.  Very quiet, cozy with a nice staff.  I ordered the fish tacos because I thought I wanted to be healthy, so instead of ordering the usual burger / fries i got Fish tacos.  It was good….although I think living in HK has made me crave for more flavorful food.  The fish was fresh, but I don’t think they add a lot of seasoning to it.

We also ordered juice, to continue the theme of healthy eating.  I ordered mango, i think the girls ordered berry juice or something.  It looks like pretty cool together:


You know what’s also awesome….6 dollar beers….


and no.. I didn’t have any alcohol for this meal.  Cause I have to drive.  I think the one major sucky thing about driving is you can not drink and drive.

Yes do not drink and drive kids.  But I guess I could have had one beer…but..again..trying to continue with the healthy eating theme.


The decor was pretty nice too, as you had to sit on high chairs and high tables.   I like high chairs.  In the future when I get a bigger place, I want to have high chairs.  Seems….sophisticated.



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