Cijin Island (or district whatever you want to call it) is part of the City of Kaohsiung.  We wanted to do some biking to burn off the fat that we gained from eating on this trip, so we did some research and found that this the best place to do it.  So off we went!


You can get here by getting off at Sizhiwan Station, which is on the orange line.  Once you get off, you will see signs where it points to the pier where you need to catch a ferry to the island.  Here’s a tip, you can actually rent a bike first before hopping onto the ferry.  I believe it is a bit cheaper, so keep that in mind.  And that’s exactly what we did =)


Once you hop off the ferry, take right until you see the lighthouse / fort.  Park your bike and hike up this hill.  You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Kaohsiung.  I spent a good 30 minutes on top of the fort just looking at the scenery that was in front of me:





Not only the fort, but the lighthouse also gives a great view of the city:


Kaohsiung doesn’t have a lot of tall skyscrapers like New York or Hong Kong, but it’s still a great feeling staring at the city from up top.

After looking at the view, make your way down to the beach.  I have been told this is a black sand beach which means the sands were made of different minerals.  Not a geologist, not sure what the difference is to be honest.



What we did do though, was bike along the biking trail on the beach.  Again, breathtaking view of the ocean / lake ?? not sure what body of water this is.


When you reach the end you will find there are a couple of spots where you can sit and just stare onto the horizon.  I just plugged my earphones in and just drifted away (what, i can be emo too you know).

You can definitely kill half a day to a day here at Cijin Island!  Have fun!



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