Do you remember the day when Germany lost in the 2018 world cup and was kicked out of the tournament? (expand more how they lost in the world cup)

Do you remember where you were?


I certainly did!

We were eating at this awesome bier garden restaurant in Erlangen, Germany!


I think all the bars and restaurants were pissed when they lost.

Because if you don’t know, Germans LOVE their beer. So the bars and restaurants probably had a lot of beers stocked up for a long world cup run.

Instead they lost in the round robin.

That’s a lot of beer that is not going to be sold.

No worries, we will help you out by buying a couple of huge ass beers!


Germans LOVE their huge beer yeah!?


After drinking our “aperitif” we went on with our mains.

First up, my delicious roast pork:

  • Yes. This was damn delicious. Germans really know how to cook a good meat up. Missing Germany already. I wished life boss would cook me more meat. But noooo she always has to cook vegetables. Sigh. Untitled
  • Weiners for Life boss. Weiners in Germany. So you know it’s good already. Don’t need to expand any more. Untitled
  • We ended the meal off with a dessert because that’s how we roll. Delicious dessert as well. Untitled


Overall this was a delicious meal. BUT HOW DID GERMANY LOSE?

Not Impressed

That’s the real question here.

Did they get bribed?

Like what the hell is going on? Losing to SOUTH KOREA?!

I had them in the damn World Cup finals. Thanks for fucking up my world cup pool!!


Written from Toronto, on July 18, 2018


  1. I remember. I was on a flight back to India from Hong Kong and the moment I landed I went straight to my phone to check the score. I was completely heartbroken. I even wrote a blog about it, which was my first blog about football. I just could not believe it.

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