Hong Kong


I was lying on the couch, when life boss came up to me.

Life Boss – Why are you so lazy?

Choi – ???? I’m not. I am just watching baseball

Life Boss – You’ve been lying on this couch since this morning.

Choi – Yes, because this is an important baseball game.


Life Boss – Let’s go out and do some exercise.

Choi – ….I just said this is an important game…

Life Boss – I don’t give a shit.


Life Boss: If you are not going to get off your lazy ass, I am going to cook pure vegetarian meals going forward.

Choi: …..fine, let’s go after the game

Life Boss: Really? You are going to make me wait? Alright….

5 seconds later


So to sum it up girls, if you want to motivate your men to get off their lazy ass you need to perform the following:

  • Don’t give a shit about any excuse your man is giving you as to why he can’t get off the couch
  • Threaten him with things like “only going to eat vegetables going forward”
  • And if all fails, beat him up physically. Guarantee he get off his ass

So after a mighty ass beating at the hands of life boss, I ended up at Lamma Island.

I’ve never been to Lamma Island before.


Yeah, don’t know why. Just never had the chance to go.

So I should thank life boss for getting my fat ass off the couch.

So off we went to the Lamma island via ferry. I mean how else you get there? By flying?

Well you are a fucking baller if you are flying to Lamma Island.



Wow what a great day (aside from my ass kicking).

Lamma Island is super laid back and is great if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Quiet, fresh air, no crowds.

Everything that you DON’T get in Hong Kong island.

Thank you life boss for dragging my ass out (I have to say this for brownie points).


The people that live here must be ballers.

Have to take the ferry to the city everyday for work.

Or perhaps they are all bosses so they don’t need to take a ferry.

Just work from home all day long.

Get your ass kicked by life boss every day. 

Ah the life that I want.





We also saw some local houses here.


Like the ones that are one with no Air Conditioning.

How do these people survive without AC I will never know.

I would die without my AC…..

There are two ports in Lamma island.

So Life boss made me walk from one port to the other as part of my “get skinny” program. It takes about 1 hour, so it’s not too bad. The hill aren’t super steep, so don’t worry about the difficulty level if your not fit like me.

And ladies, after you kick your man’s ass, show him some of these pictures. He will be even more inclined to go out and explore with you!










Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 9, 2017

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