Here’s something I didn’t know about Langkawi.  They are pretty big on night markets!  Naturally the only night market experience I’ve had was in Taiwan.  Oh and the ones in Toronto.  Thought Langkawi would be all mountains and beaches.  But they like their food too!  We were around Pantai Cenang, so we decided to drop by the Kedwang Night Market (it’s near Pantai Cenang).

Like all night markets, there are a couple of common themes:  1) A lot of people 2) Humid and Hot 3) Skewers.


We had the chicken skewers, noodles, corn and packages.  To be honest, the food was okay.  Wasn’t mind blowing.  But I think it’s the experience that counts.  One weird thing was that none of the stands sold beef or lamb?  They only sold chicken?  But on the menu it says both Lamb and Beef were available?  Maybe they had a tough day importing other kinds of meat.  I don’t know.



Getting here is really easy, but I don’t really know how to describe it.  Langkawi is basically one long road that circles around the island.  So I suggest dropping by Pentai Cenang, and then ask a local there how to get to the Kedawang night market.  It’s literally 10 minutes away so you can’t get lost.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 7 2015


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