haha yes…I have blogged about this place before but I am doing it again because this time I actually got a picture of the actual restaurant.

Of course…there is no english name though so we will just have to go with “Awesome Pork Ribs Place”.


This place is located nearby City hall, and unfortunately I can’t tell you the exact address because…. I don’t know how to google korean.  But hey! at least I have what the front of the restaurant looks like:


There’s the Korean name of the restaurant…maybe you can ask some of your local korean fans to help you find the address…

and if you do please let me know=p (give you 100% credits I guarantee).

Or just walk around city hall until you find a shop that is cooking the ribs, outside of it’s restaurant.


The only thing you have to order here is the pork ribs.  I can’t describe the marination but it’s just really, really good.

Of course to go with the meal you have to order Soju  + beer.  Learned a neat trick from our korean buddy:

Pour the soju in first, then some beer, and then stab the drink with a spoon.  There will be a great chemical combustion.  It doesn’t make the drink taste any different, but it’s just cool. Looks cool.


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  1. Just found your blog and was wondering, when you visited South Korea did you go on a guided tour? Or just went around with friends?

    • Hi! i just went with friends…Seoul is really easy to get around because there’s english area…I can say the same for Busan.

      However the other remote areas I would recommend a guided tour…if you do not know any locals there


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