Met with my friend Joyce W from Toronto!  Highschool friend..who recently had a baby.  very cute baby, and was glad I got to meet her.


Joyce also took me to this restaurant called Khao Pla, which was in Chatswood.  Apparently the chef here was the former chef of Ms. G’s (which I ate at previously).  Verdict? Khao Pla is amazing! It’s a cozy, little thai restaurant so be prepared to wait during normal dining hours.   My favorite dish was the thai rice.  It was a bit spicy with prawns, loved it.   Second favorite dish was the pork belly, the meat just slid off the bone!  Yummy…

As mentioned earlier, I got to meet her baby Abby, super cute baby.  I don’t know how you new parents do it, a baby is a lot of work.  Plus, the only way they know how to communicate is through crying.  But then I guess babies only need two things: 1) Sleep 2) Eat

What a life.  I want a life like that.

Back to the food, Joyce was adamant about desert.  She want deserted, claiming it was the best ice cream ever.  The ice cream was milk tea flavor (For those that don’t know what milk tea tastes like, go to a bubble tea place and order it).  It was not bad, but I don’t know if I would order it.  Tasted quite of weird, milk tea ice cream.


Getting here was really easy for me, I just took the train from Thornleigh (where i worked) to Chatswood. The entire trip was only 15 minutes, supppper quick.  And the trains were very clean (think go train in Toronto).  Impressed.  I should really take the train more often in Sydney.

Must go to Khao Pla again!

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