2015 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – June 2015


June 1 – newborn’s head are very soft.  You can shape it into a cone.  But don’t worry it will grow back to its normal shape later on

June 3 – internet cables…interesting

June 4 – if u get enough estrogen as a man u can pump milk

June 7 – Tomato are fruits…I should have known this a long time ago.

June 11 – Patience is a virtue.

June 13 – hae (sea) un (cloud) dae (hill)

June 15 – ice cream in korea is ice kleem

June 16 – i think im lactose intolerant…or maybe jusst korean dairy intolerant

June 19 – I love Vatos!

June 23 – Everyone has problems

June 24 – In Korea, your cup can never be empty (referring to Alcohol)

June 26 – sometimes bad news needs t be delivered

June 29 – In korea, don’t tap on the water bottle to the waitrress when you need more water…that’s rude! Just hold up your finger to indicate one more…

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