So story time.  I love saucy food.  I love saucy food with meat.  And I love to eat popular local dishes.  Do you know what’s a popular dish in Malaysia?  The Nasi Kandar is a popular dish in Malaysia!!

Loveeeee this dish.

What does it comprise of?  Steamed rice (or other flavored rice) with curry and with your choice of meat.  I absolutely love this dish because I like my meals saucy (yes I know I already made the point).  I am an also avid lover of curry so this dish just does it for me.  One of the more popular Nasi Kandar dishes in Langkaw is the Tomato restaurant.  It’s on the road called Jalan Pantai Cenang, beside the AB Motel.

Before I go on, I must give credits to this site because I am getting most of my information from another blog (click here)


Alright credits done.  There were sooooo many selections to choose from.  This includes the many curry sides, meat and vegetable selections.  They also have a counter that sells roti and of course we got some.  Roti plus curry is heaven, and I am sure I have said that many times in my previous posts.

Don’t expect a fancy restaurant here.  This place is practical.  Find your own seat, get your own food and eat.


What I still don’t get though, is how you get charged for your meal.  The restaurant is more of a buffet type place, where you go pick your own food.  So if I chose two pieces of chicken instead of one do i get charged more?  They actually don’t have a price for the food (or maybe I missed it), so yeah…I am not sure how it works.  But still, place was cheap.  Think altogether we only 50 ringgits?

Cheap for good food!

Written from Hong Kong, Home September 7 2015


  1. You torture me so well, LMBO! AIRMAIL PLEASE, LOL! Now I have to find a place here that makes it so I can try it because it sounds like a combo I would like. I believe I have had them all separately.

      1. I am still researching, I found 2 places that have something similar…I’m getting close and will not be happy until I can try that dish, LOL. I will post it when I do!

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