I was initially worried about China Eastern Airlines.  Hell, I am worried about taking any Chinese based airlines for that matter.  However, work required me to take a flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai, so we were stuck with domestic airlines.


 After researching online about the different types of airlines, and doing massive cost analysis we decided to take China Eastern Airlines. 

And here’s my two cents on my experience (not that it really matters):

Firstly, the majority of the crew members were nice and helpful.  They assisted passengers that was having trouble getting their luggage onto the compartments.  The reason why I only said majority was because one of the crew members yelled at us.

What was he yelling about?

He was yelling at us for listening to music. 

Yep.  Listening to music during the flight (not take off or landing), while the phone was on airplane mode.

Seriously, this was the first time I have heard about this requirement.  He was adamant that we did not listen to any music, or else he would not serve us drinks and food.  What a jerk.

The food itself was okay.  Typical airline food.  It did come in a blue box which I thought was kind of ugly.  Nothing special here, food was edible.

The seats were smaller than usual.  I am not a big guy, but I found myself constantly battling for my arm rest with the passenger on my left.  At one point our arms were overlapping each other.  That was not cool.

Overall, experience was average.  For those that just wants to get you from Guangzhou to Shanghai China Eastern Airlines this will do the trick.  Just make sure you are not listening to music =p

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4 replies

  1. Sounds like a mediocre time! Haha what do you do in China??

  2. Seriously?? I never heard about any such restrictions before, maybe his own made-up rule:) The Chinese airlines I’ve flown with this far have mostly been ranging from awful to tolerable..Sorry China, not impressed.

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