Met up with some AWESOME KICK ASS EX COLLEAGUES back in Toronto, and went to grab lunch at Joeys.  I missed Joeys.

It was a really good restaurant.

It’s still a really good restaurant.


The restaurant reminded me of the times when I was still in Firm life and we would go out and drink after work..complain about work etc.  the one I usually go to was the one at Don Mills, and that’s because that location had an awesome patio.

I miss patio weather.  Hong Kong needs to have more patio bars / restaurants.  But it might be really expensive. And then I wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Then I will bitch about it because, well bitching is what I do best hah.

So the one I went to instead was near Eaton Center.  My first time here really.  The furnishing was posh, as expected of a Joey’s.


The weird part of this restaurant is that they were serving asian fusion dishes? Huh? I thought this was more of a bar food place i.e. burgers, pizza fries etc.  That’s why I ordered a burger.  But next time maybe I should try the ramen…haha nahhhhh.  Not going to eat it.

So yeah I ordered the burger.  Was good.  Nothing special, I really think I like Joey’s for the patio hahahaha.

That’s it.!/stories/pour

That’s the website…?

Written from Hong Kong, Home on February 23, 2016


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