You know you are in Australia when a reserve is called “Barangaroo”.  Of course it has to end up with a roo right.  The barangaroo reserve ( is the newest park located in the Sydney CBD.  It was also right near my hotel (like a 15 minute walk) so I thought why not check it out?  It was on my way to the opera house anyways so it only made sense.



I don’t know if it’s because the park is still relatively unknown to the public, because it was really quiet and not a lot of people were there.  Or maybe because I was there at 8am in the morning on a Saturday.  That probably had something to do with it.


It was a nice walk, it was by the waters so you can definitely hang out and chill for a couple hours there.  Go when it’s not so hot of course.  It was nothing really out of the ordinary, but it was definitely new so you might want to check it out before all the locals an tourists ruins it =p.

If you want all the way to the end, there are quite a bit of restaurants (towards the Opera House direction) so after this walk (It’s about a 30 minute walk if you walk quickly) you can grab a bite afterwards.


Written from Sydney, Four Points on March 12, 2016


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