You know the Japanese cooking shower with really cool / weird English dubbing? Well youtube if you don’t know, it’s pretty funny.

This is an official iron chef restaurant and apparently the food is by the iron chefs? I don’t know which one as their facebook page didn’t really say much (or maybe I missed it). Long story short, great food and great atmosphere!

Super recommend!

Inside the restaurant
Long windows

For once I wasn’t disappointed with a celebrity restaurant.

Well can I consider this a celebrity restaurant?

It’s own by a show not a celebrity…unless you consider the iron chef to be a celebrity. Any how, I was just glad I didn’t get fucked with shitty food.

Free appetizer

Our free appetizer.

Think it was mussels? I love it when these restaurants gives us complimentary food. FREE FOOD. You can’t argue with that. And you definitely get automatic brownie points from me.

Pork belly

Our actual appetizer.

Pork belly! Yum Yum look at that masterpiece of a meat. It was absolutely delicious, couldn’t have asked for anything better in my stomach! Good job iron chef.

On to my main. BEEF WELLINGTON. CARBS PLUS MEAT!!! Damnnnnnnnnn there goes my diet haha.

I don’t usually order beef wellingtons, but when I do, it’s in an Iron Chef Restaurant.

Beef Wellington
Another shot of the beef wellington

The beef was sooooooooooooooooooooo good.

The pastry was buttery and soft. O man what a great combination. Super recommend this to all of you.



I super love this restaurant.

Iron Chefs you did not disappoint me and I did not have to blast you for having shitty food.

Although it’s expensive, I will still definitely come back again to try your different dishes!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 23, 2017


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