OCT loft is a cafe / art area in Shenzhen…..

Per the website it is situated in an old industrial area. Seems like that is the trend nowadays….place cafes / art stuff in abandoned industrial buildings. Why? Is this supposed to be artsy? And creative?

Who knows. We didn’t know where to go in Shenzhen, so why not pay this place a visit?

First thing that you will notice is there is a lot of graffiti / wall art on the building. Pretty cool.

I wonder how people managed to draw a whole wall. That is long high ass wall. They probably used a ladder.



After a bit of walking we came across an art exhibition, and mannnnn they got some scary ass shit in here! Like what the fuck is this exhibition about? Is this some sort of haunted art exhibition thing? Man what the hell. I got out of there ASAP (yes I am chicken shit).



There was also a local market in OCT so we also checked it out. We didn’t buy anything because there was nothing of interest to us. We literally spent 30 minutes here and got the fuck out right away. Took a cab actually. Didn’t even check out the cafe.

Yeah we were damn tired by then I think.


The area
Kick ass nature shot
More art?!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 3, 2017

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