Couples Therapy 07. Twenty-one Questions

Influenced from 50 Cents 21 Questions…Choi says:

Q1: Would you cook for me even if I am in jail?

A: I don’t think I’d be allowed to bring it in for you. Unless I get a job as a cook in the jail you’re in…

Q2:  Would you pay my bills if I had no money?

Yes alright.

Q3: Would you learn how to make hurricanes ribs?

A: I do want to learn how to make ribs. But you have to eat veggies on the side.

Q4: Would you give me a massage every day?

A: You still owe me one 😛

Q5: Shall we watch 100 hours of basketball?


Q6: Shall we have an NBA party?

A: Refer to Q5.

Q7: Beer or wine?

A: Wine of course!

Q8: Would you like me even if I am fat?

A: Yes yes

Q9: Would you like me even if I am too skinny?

A: Is that even possible?! Just kidding. YES

Q10: Would you rather have me be a musician or athlete?

A: What kind of a Q&A is this?! Hmmmm this is a hard one. I would rather you be an athletic musician.

Q11: haha i am running out of questions to ask

A: …..

Q12: 2 washrooms or 3 washrooms?

A: 2 is enough.

Q13: Burger or pizza?

A: Pizza

Q14: Would you rather answer 20 questions or 21 questions?

A: This is getting pretty long.

Q15: What’s your favourite city?

A: Sydney!!!

Q16: Would you scratch my back?

A: errrr….

Q17: Would you scratch my ass?

A: What do you think?! You really are running out of questions to ask aren’t you.

Q18: Sing or rap?

A: Would I ever say ‘no’ to karaoke?

Q19: Would you rather date a hockey player or basketball player?

A: Hockey players look cuter.

Q20: Briefs or Boxers?

A: Briefs

Q21: Finally at 21 questions! Did you like the 21 questions?!?A; Woohoo! Finally


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