2017 Ponders


Nov 1 – Monkey King or Temple? FUCK YOU House of Dancing Water

Nov 2 – late night drinking. I was also seasick

Nov 3 – Fuck you westin

Nov 4 – in macau!

Nov 5 – won 600 bucks!

Nov 6 – trying to publish all my shitty photos first

Nov 7 – Need to exercise more

Nov 8 – Almost the weekend….

Nov 9 – Dad bought these hard ass duck meats…killed me

Nov 10 – Died from last nights hard ass duck meats

Nov 11 – Still tired from the hard ass duck meats, but gonna play some ball today!

Nov 12 – Cheesecake factory damn you are huge

Nov 13 – Fantasy team SUCKING

Nov 14 – Mui Kee has pretty good food

Nov 16 – Saw the NBA Trophy!

Nov 17 – Fuck you Kris Dunn

Nov 18 – feel fat from all the beers

Nov 19 – Pan Pacific, how are you a five star hotel and not have a sauna room…#fail

Nov 20 – I can live in singapore

Nov 22 – Ate too much food…

Nov 23 – life Boss is here!

Nov 26 – Weekends always so short….

Nov 27 – loveee bak kut teh!

Nov 28 – Late ass night…Singaporean Night Club is interesting

Nov 29 – Dead today. And also low carb fails lately

Nov 30 – let me goooooooooooooooooooo home

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