Helloooooooo Canberra!…..

Wow, I wrote this post up back in January, so it’s been almost a year. Why did I take so long to publish this post? Because I am a lazy ass.  Also because it was buried deep among my other drafts.

But no worries, this post has risen from the dead and is now available for all to read!

Mmm..that sounded kind of stupid and awkward.

Anyhow, the drive from Sydney to Canberra is about 3 hours, and our first stop was Mount Ainslie.

Why did we go to Mount Ainslie?

Because it’s our holidays, we do whatever the fuck we want.

The view of Canberra was also not too shabby.

Oh yeah, for those that don’t know (like myself)….Canberra is the capital of Australia…..

The look out area is not huge so don’t need to stay here for long…I would say about 20 minutes to fully enjoy the scenery?

20 minutes you can spare for sure…especially if you are in Canberra…

Because there’s nothing in Canberra to do..haha

We did some learning and reading here. Because that is very important for your well being.

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should not learn you lazy ass!

I love to learn.

Had a really nice stroll here. Don’t know if we will come back, but not because of Mount Ainslie but more because there’s literally NOTHING in Canberra..probably a one and done trip!

The View
I don’t know why the sky is so yellow
Parking Lot
Wheelchair travels
More information
This view
Shitty shot

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 5, 2017

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