Dude, I don’t think I have ever eaten a proper Mediterranean meal before.  And Mediterranean is dam hard to spell, I’ll admit it.  I needed to google how to spell it properly.   We decided on Mediterranean food because, well, I don’t think we’ve tried it before.  In any of our trips.  So it should be fun. Off to Mecca Bah.


My favorite dish? The garlic Chicken Kebab:


It was soooooooo JUICY.  I really need to eat more kebabs when I am back in Toronto.  And also burritos.  Argh, getting so hungry.  Burt yea, this is my favorite dish at this place.  I sometimes I wish I don’t have to share….because then I can eat the whole dish myself hehe.

It’s not selfish.  It’s just about eating smart, and eating what you know you would like!!  but I guess I have to be a gentlemen, and share my food.  Fine.  Moving on.


I was so into ordering my chicken kebab that I do not remember what this dish is called.  The girls ordered it.  If you really want to know you can leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP.  well, Maybe i’ll ask when i see my colleagues after the chinese new years.  I don’t know.  we will see.  I’ll probably forget.

So forget it.

We also of course, ordered salad.  Beet Salad.  I don’t mind beet.  Beet is good for you.  Should eat more beet.


Surprisingly, the night that we went it was a bit windy.  We originally was sitting outside, but we were getting cold and that included me.  So we opted to switch our seats to the inside.  In Hindsight, I should have taken a couple of pictures because the outdoor decor were dam nice.  Oh well.  At least I took a picture of the inside:


Wait a minute…that’s the picture from the outside…..hahahahha. got it mixed up.  I guess I actually took one of the outside, but not of the inside.  Oops.  Oh well.  There’s really nothing to admire for the interior of the restaurant.  so don’t worry about it.


The Mecca Bah has a couple of locations, in Brisbane, Gold coast, and canberra.   But they don’t have one in Sydney…interesting. I really recommend coming here, the food is awesome.  To Mecca BAH!!

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