Fat noodle, you are are some expensive noodles.  $20 (AUD) for one dish of pho.  Was it good? I guess.  The broth was supposedly brewed for 20+ hours.  Yeah the soup was pretty good.  The beef was pretty good.  Overall, pretty good pho dish.  Is it worth AUD20? No way!


Also, this place is not suitable for children.  Why? Because it’s located within the casino (the Star), so if you are under 18 you ain’t coming in!  Luckily, I am over 18.  So I got to try this place out.


It’s in the casino, the kitchen is open concept.  It’s casual dining so don’t worry you don’t need to bring your tuxedo.

Apparently the head chef of this restaurant is apparently a “celebrity chef”, called Luke Chef Nguyen.  So I guess the pho is authentic? Again it’s good, just not sure if it’s worth the AUD20.

I would just be coming for poker next time =p



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