It was a sunny afternoon, and I was by the TST pier just chilling, walking.  You know, the usual.  When suddenly my stomach starting yelling at me, telling I need to eat.  Alright.  Since I haven’t been to the TST bars by the pier in awhile, I decided to stop by this restaurant / bar called “Bulldogs, Bar and Grill”.  For the drinkers out there, happy hour is 3 – 7PM.


If you come here early it won’t be too crowded, and unlike many bars at LKF, this one’s pretty quiet and chilled.  Maybe because TST is a tourist area, so people are coming here to vacation.  Not sure.  Chilled here with my beer, and just people watched:


It was a bit windy though, but thank goodness the bar had some heaters on.  So just sat here, hung out with a friend and just talked about life.  It was pretty zen.

My hunger was sort of satisfied for the first hour at the bar (via the beer that I was consuming), but finally I had to give in and got the menu.  Looked at it, and couldn’t decide if I should get a burger and pizza.  Finally, the burger won:


I really should write down what the names of the burgers area.  Argh.  This burger had mushrooms, lettuce, tomato.  Typical burger, I didn’t want to go too crazy but it was definitely a delicious burger.  Will come back, and have another burger in soon time.

The website is and they have several locations throughout Hong Kong.  I wouldn’t mind trying it allllll out.

Just need to find a partner =)

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