Me, Candice and Julie.  Le Co workers.


Well here’s a often are you behind bars in the backseat of a cab?  Well, if you are in China then this shouldn’t even be a question.  Yes, you are barred if you are sitting in the backseat.  I have been told this is for safety measures for the cabbies, as there have been incidents where passengers have been attacking the drivers. What? yeah..haha.  This is just one of the many weird things I have noticed while engaging the services of a cab.  Another weird thing that I have observed? They tend to leave the car. When there are still passengers in it. 

Yes, you are seeing this right.  This happened three times during our stay in Guangzhou.  Why did they leave?  Well, there is still public washroom that is nearby our hotel, and the cabbies apparently love that one because there is a bunch of empty taxi cabs parked beside it.  More often than not, our cabbie will tell us he is going to leave for about 2 minutes to pee.  I mean, it’s fine…’s not something you see often. Let alone 3 times in 2 weeks.  Another weird thing?

They don’t know how to get around.

Now I know it’s because Guangzhou is a big city, but aside from the landmarks these drivers don’t really seem to know how to get anywhere! Every morning when we tell them where our office is, they give us this puzzled look.  It’s not like the office is in some far away rural area where the cows run wild.  It’s in the city center.  My mandarin is bad I know, but look I am travelling with my co workers who speaks perfect mandarin, so the excuse of not understanding us is invalid.

haha, ah Guangzhou, China.  Never fails to give me some laughs =p


  1. hahahaha, people there must be pretty aggressive to be forced behind the bars in a cab. i thought in most parts of the world it was the other way around. lol

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