Sapa is a town, located within a mountain.  It’s also very beautiful.  But then I guess any towns that’s located in the mountains are beautiful.  Otherwise why would people like me go all the way there?  right? if it’s not beautiful then i would just stay at my hotel and eat room service.


So yes, we went to sapa.  It was a 9 hour train ride to SAPA.  We took the King’s express, and we got our own room (basically you have to buy four beds).  It was my first time on a train traveling, so I was pretty excited.  I was watching a lot of harry potter beforehand, so I thought the idea of sleeping on a train was exhilarating.


And it was.  But it was cold.  There was no central heating in December.  Sigh, why do countries not like having central heating.

Anyways, we got to SAPA but we had a very pack schedule (we were leaving the next day) so we went straight to our tour guide, and began an epic 2 hour hike up some mountain.  I don’t remember what the mountain was called.

Phenomenal view of the rice fields.  Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I grew up in one of these towns instead.  I would be farming and be self sustaining maybe? who knows.

our first pit stop (our only pit stop really) was at a local villagers home, where they cooked us a meal.  Using own fashion tools aka no stoves.  Just start a fire, and start cooking over it.  I was surprised how good the meal tasted despite the fact that they did not use much condiments to season the food.


After a full meal (plus a lot of drinks) we hiked for another hour or so.  By the time we got back to our hotel we were really exhausted, and slept from 8PM all the way to the next morning lol.


All in all, a great experience.  I recommend Sapa for everything, seriously!

Written from Seoul, Westin on January 25 2016


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