Took my mother to Sydney during my business trip. Why not right, since she’s never been.  I mean she was only here for 4 days, which I totally do not recommend as it is a 9 hour flight.  But parents, I don’t argue.


So yeah on the first day that we landed I took her to Bondi Beach, to soak in some sun.  But obviously we did not because we were too tired from the flight.  We were however really hungry, so we walked around the beach and found this nice little place called JO and Willey’s Depot (


I ordered a steak sandwich, and sorry I wasn’t able to take a better looking picture.  I really suck at taking pictures…need to take some lessons.  The sandwich was average?  The bread was hard, and the steak was a bit tough..but the selling point here is the atmosphere.  I wouldn’t mind just chilling here on a Saturday / Sunday afternoon chatting with friends.


There are a lot of other restaurants around the area…so keep that in mind when you are in the area next time.

Written from Sydney, Four Points on March 5 2016


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