Hong Kong


I have begun my quest to find GREAT pizza in Hong Kong.  I am an avid pizza lover, and would eat pizza everyday if i could (my not so good physique would get even worse though).  I’ve had pizza in HK at a couple of eateries already, but as I am not a big fan of the thin crust, those eateries weren’t to my liking.  So I opened Open Rice, searched for Tsim Sha Tsiu and Pizza and out came Grano Italian!


Grano Italian is a “Customize your pizza the way you want it” kind of eatery”.  You pick the toppings that you want for your pizza, and Grano Italian will charge you for each topping.  To my disappointment, tomato sauce was considered a topping.  I though it was a given Pizza should have tomato sauce…anyways doesn’t matter.  I ordered the following combination:

Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms, cheese, pepperoni, and onions.

At Grano Italian, they would make the pizza right in front of you so when I got my pizza, it was sizzling hot.  Just how I’d like it.  I did order the spicy tomato sauce, but it wasn’t spicy enough so I added some Tabasco sauce.  Everything is awesome with Tabasco sauce.  My verdict?  Great pizza!!  I think I gave it bonus points just because it was made to order, instead of it just sitting around.   My only complaint is that the pizza was still thin crust….maybe I can tell them I want thick crust next time.


Took a picture of the menu (don’t ask me why) and also the interior.  The one I went to is located in Isquare, in Tsim Sha Tsiu.  I think it was either on the 5th floor or 6th floor..just try both.  You can find their menu and more information about Grano Italian on their website:


Would I come back again? Yep! I’ll probably drop by if I am catching a movie at Isquare, or if I am around the area.   Hope you like it too!


  1. I really struggled to find some good places to eat, when my husband and I visited HK this summer. Quite funny, we actually passed Grano Italiano, husband trying to pull me inside. I should have let him:)

    1. haha. I don’t know if Grano’s is the best for pizza to be honest because there HK has so much good eateries!

      But no worries, there’s always next time =)

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