Bath! Bath is a city that is located in South West England, and is about a 3 hour drive from London.  Now, why is it called Bath? Odd name for a city no?  Well turns out the Romans and I have something in common.  We both love Saunas and taking baths!  Yep, back then the Romans would take 2 – 3 baths a day (the ones that were wealthy), and they would also sit in hot rooms which we call saunas today.  I am not even joking.  Anyways, I will talk about Roman Baths specifically in another post.  Today, it is all about the city of Bath!


First thing you will notice in Bath (and from my picture above) is that most of the buildings are Georgian Style! It is why this city is so popular with Tourists (apparently the city attracts over 3.8M tourists on an annual basis).  There are many interesting architectures, including the Bath Abbey Church.

Unfortunately, the church was not open to the public on the day I went.

Once you have taken pictures of all the Georgian Buildings, you may want to rest up in of the many parks that Bath has, including the famous Royal Victoria Park:


They do charge you for an entrance fee though (about 1.2 pounds if I recall correctly).  I didn’t go in, not because I was too cheap to pay the 1.2 pounds, but because I had a bus to catch! (I joined a day tour to get to Bath, and they were strict with time).  Even though Bath is a great city, didn’t want to get left behind when I am 3 hours away from London =p

Bath also has many shops and restaurants, so I can see why people say you can spend at least a day in Bath! I really feel like I didn’t see / experience all that Bath has to offer, so next time when I visit England, i am going to allocate at least a day there!

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