More Pizza Please!

Yes life boss was super impressed / disgusted with my never ending love for pizza. 2 of 3 lunches so far have been pizza lunches lol.

Life Boss complains she is getting constipated but I am still going like no tomorrow so I think its not the pizza it’s you life boss!

We were chilling at Capri (rich people area) and was getting hungry. We initially went to this other pizzeria which was a 15 minute uphill climb. Guess what, we got there and it was closed.

Fuck you.

I checked on google, and yep it’s closed Wed – Fri.

What the hell?

Do you make that much money to be able to close for 3 / 7 days?

Jeez. Life boss was getting hangry, so I quickly searched another pizzeria place and out came Panorama Capri. Good reviews and ratings, though it was 15 minutes from where we were.

Fuck my knees….

Anyways finally got to the restaurant and it looked like a fine dine restaurant. Life boss was worried because I was in my adidas shorts and wolf pack hat.

lol. who cares.

Sat down and told the waiter “Two Pizzas” please. Probably thought I was an animal. Didn’t care, was damn hungry.

I got the ham + mushroom pizza, but really I should have went for the pepperoni pizza. Craving pepperoni. Another fail. Sigh. Life boss got the veggie pizza. The pizzas were reallllllly good, the base was yum yum. Nice and chewy. It wasn’t soggy either. Though I wished for more sauce but meh can’t complain. We also ordered fries and salad as starters. Yes. I demolished a whole plate of fries lol. Overall, great place to dine in. Oh and the view isn’t too shabby either =)

Our meal
Life Boss Veggie Pizza
My Pizza
Plate of fries

Written from Positano, Italy on October 23, 2019


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