Tourist trap?

Mmm…We went to the Blue Grotto because that is supposedly the thing to do in Capri. Life boss really wanted to go to see this cave, I don’t know why.

I personally thought this was a tourist trap, because we paid 30 Euros just get to the entrance of the damn cave (which was small as fuck). However, this 30 Euro did not actually take us into the damn cave. We had to pay another 28 Euros just to have a dude row boat us in.

Now was it beautiful?

Yes absolutely.

It’s not everyday you get to see clear blue water in a cave. I think I am more pissed at the fact I had to pay two different companies just to get into the damn cave. Not to mention the actual cave tour took less than 10 minutes. The guy was also singing to us so I guess that adds to the experience.

But yeah, it’s nice and beautiful but I feel like I got ripped off!

Entrance of the cave – yes you can’t see it
Our boat driver’s ass
Very nice

Written from Positano, Italy on October 23, 2019

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