New York


Ah New York City.

It has been awhile. I visited this place when I was very young. So young that I don’t remember what I ate and what I saw. So wasn’t really sure what I should eat or see. Luckily I have life boss that plans everything for me.

hah. Win.

For our first brunch we decided to check out Russ & Daughters. This place was known for it’s smoked salmon. When we arrived the wait was about 30 minutes, we usually don’t like to wait but since this place appears to be so awesome you know we had to try it out. 30 minutes went by and our number was still not called. Huh? Frustrated, I asked the hostess why. Apparently the health inspector just showed up, so it will be another 1 hour wait. Fuck my life.

We contemplated if we should give up and go to another restaurant. We ultimately decided NO, this shit ain’t going to wreck out trip. To kill time, we went to this pizza place called Champion Pizza which won a lot of pizza awards. Never heard of the rewards but that doesn’t matter because the pizza is only 2 dollars a slice! OMG, what a great deal. PLUS the pizza itself was super delicious. You all most eat. After devouring our pizzas, Russ & Daughters texted us saying our table was ready.

WIN! Get to eat good pizza and still try this restaurant out.

We got to the restaurant, sat down and looked at the menu. Jewish cuisine per life boss. I got the smoked salmon bagel combination. It came and I was confused, huh how come they didn’t put together my sandwich? Apparently, I am supposed to do it myself. So I did, put the entire salmon onto the bagel. I felt like a monster when I realized I was supposed to eat it piece by piece, not all at once. Haha, oh well you learn. Life boss got the cream chowder which was also good. There was also herring on the menu, SCOREEEE. Miss herring from amsterdam. We ordered something, it was good, but still not as good as the ones I had in dutch land.

Overall, both restaurants were really good so you should try it!

Champion Pizza
2 Dollar Pizza
Russ & Daughter Menu
Clam Chowda
My meal

Written Lexington Hotel, New York City on November 24, 2019

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