Spice I Am, one of the more popular thai places in Sydney.  From their website it says they have four locations, and since we were staying near Darling Harbor, the closest one was the one at Darlinghurst.  For more information on this restaurant, the website is as follows:



Coming into this, I had high expectation since I’ve had good thai food in Sydney.  Was I disappointed? Nope.  But I was not blown away either.  The decor of the restaurant was certainly nice, but I found the food to be a tad too salty.  I have been told though the one at Surry Hills is better, I’ll try it again next time.

we ordered about 5 – 6 dishes (there was 5 of us).  We had a couple of curry dishes, a veggie, a tom yum gong soup and another meat dish.   Here are some foodie pictures:



The green curry chicken was so spicy!  I am a fan of spices, but this was burning.  Had to drink a couple of glasses of water.  Some of our guests that usually did not eat spicy food tried some as well.  Troopers!  They were dying by the end of it though..

The restaurant itself was not that busy either, which was a surprise since I was told Spice I am was pretty popular.  I think the one at Surry Hills required us to make a reservation? Maybe it’s the location of this particular Spice I Am (i.e. not as busy).

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