Hunter Valley


Want to go to a horrible Vineyard at Hunter Valley?

Bimbadgen is your go to place.  Seriously, we tasted one wine and got out of there.  The wine was so not good.  You may doubt what I am saying because I don’t know how to drink wine properly, but my two dear colleagues who absolutely knows their wine, HATED IT.

What a waste of time.


Bimbadgen. BADDDDDD.


I feel stupid for even mentioning their name here.  Didn’t link it to their website, but you are not dumb you can find it yourself on the internet.  Hey BimBADgen you should give some marketing money!

Okay.  Give you some credits.  Maybe that particular time it was just our bad luck that we had pretty bad wine…overall you guys got a good review on Tripadvisor.

So maybe it was just our luck.

You guys had a hell of a view though.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 30 2016

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