Saint Petersburg


Why is this an attraction? Why do people line up to see this?

Why do people stay up till 130AM to see bridges open? I really don’t know why. But yes, seriously, this is supposedly one of the “must do’s” in St. Petersburg. Not shitting you, google it do whatever you need to do. It is recommended by a lot of the websites.

I personally don’t recommend it. Again, literally, you are watching a bridge open.



Add to the fact that you have to stay up till 130AM to see this shit…just doesn’t make sense to me. Granted there were a lot of tours that arrived and waited eagerly to see the bridge open.

And it’s not like the bridge was opening for like 20 minutes in a epic show with music in the background. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes.

err…and then you go home.

I really don’t get it. Just did a wikipedia, there is apparently 342 bridges in the Saint Petersburg. Briefly went through the wikipedia article, did not see anything of interest.

Probably. Because it’s a bridge! Yeah…I really don’t get it. But I can’t really shit on other people that wants to watch it, everyone’s got their personal preferences when it comes to traveling and sight seeing right?

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 10 2016

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