We have not had sushi in a longgggg time because life boss for obvious reasons could not eat raw stuff. okay, so maybe I cheated and had some sushi during her pregnancy term / post pregnancy term ,but who is really keeping track?

When life boss announced she can finally eat sushi you know we had to do it big. Friends recommended we try out Araya Sushi. So that’s what we did. Aiming for dinner at 6 (yes there is a lot of kids schedules we have to abide by nowadays) I took the initiative to order two sushi platters, a beef teriyaki, and 6 hand rolls at 4:00PM and took them I would pick it up at 530PM. . Because you know we ordered a lot of food and I want to give them plenty of time to make it.

Well fuck that shit because they didn’t make it till I got there they hadn’t even started prepping the platters.


They probably wanted to wait for me to pay before starting the damn order. Which makes sense, it was a bit order. They didn’t want to lose money if some douche bag ended not coming to pay.


Got home, placed the sushi platters in a nice orderly manner, was about to feast, when we realized there was no soy sauce from the restaurant.


Luckily our friend had those special japanese soy sauce at home. So fine, crisis averted but still what a big ass fail from the restaurant. Really think it’s because they were rushing my order.

Finally we got to eat. And despite all the fails, the food was pretty good and fresh! The sashimi was spot on, sushi was good not too much rice. Didn’t try the beef teriyaki because DAMN I was full. So okay fine, good job araya at least your food was good. We will come back.

Oh, and we drank this sake that I bought from the LCBO. It was a “best seller” and was only 15 bucks. I shall buy more next time. Also should heat it up too. Have a picture here for future reference.

Despite the hiccups, overall great night. My tall ass friend scared my other friend’s kid. hah.

The sake
The sashimi maki sushi large platter
The maki platter

Written from Toronto, Home on August 30, 2020

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