Life Diary


You never tell me your feelings!

Says life boss.

Guys don’t feel much is what I usually say.  And I stand by that.  We have two emotions. Hungry and Tired. Don’t know why that’s so hard to understand. But life boss keeps asking me how I felt about the whole birthing process. She keeps bugging me about it. So FINE. Here is my account of what happened:

  • the birthing process was long as fuck. 20+ hours of intense labour. More pain for you of course. But I was also dying because the hospital had two food options. Tim Hortons and me eating my own hand.
  • When we finally started pushing there was a lot of blood. I thought it would freak me out but it didn’t
  • I was hungry so during the pushing process I ordered Hey Noodles (Spicy one too!). It was delicious. It was like I was watching a gorey movie
  • I was working in between pushes (that’s how dedicated I am)
  • After baby boss came out I was tired and wanted to sleep
  • We were stuck in the hospital for 3 days. Longest days of my fucking life.

That it’s. That’s how i felt during the birthing process. Life boss will read this and then start yelling again in her Australian Accent “why you doooorrr that, that’s nort what I warntttt and mearrnt”.


Operation Room
Baby Boss finally out!

Written from Toronto, Home on August 30, 2020

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  1. Congratulations! Great to know mom and bub are well…. (and that your belly is full!) Please compare your portions to your bub’s…every time bub has a meal, you should have one too and see how that works out! 😆😆

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