We were introduced to M.Y restaurant by our Markham friends.

And we have been going there a lot ever since the introduction. Which is funny how i never blogged about this place.

I feel like i have. In one of my random quarantine posts. But when I do a search on my own site I can’t find it. What the fuck. Such a fail.

Anyhow, so this is to make for that fail. Gonna blog about our lunch session with M.Y restaurant. I ordered the black pepper spaghetti, one of my favs from this restaurant. Albeit the spheghetti is not drowned in sauce but the chicken is damn good, tender and delicious. Life boss got some random ass soup noodle which i already forgot about. I also ordered the hot and sour soup, i like the hot and sour soup here. though probably a lot of MSG because i am currently thirsty as fuck.

This was probably a lucky day too.


Because they gave me two hot and sour soups! I don’t know if they charged me for the other one…if they did then its not really my lucky day. its the day to get hipped off because damn I am thirsty drinking these two MSG full soups.

Haha. I am drinking the soup for dinner right now as I blog about this.

Even though this is MSG filled we will still come back because life boss likes this place.

And it’s close.


Soup for her noodles
Stephen A in the background
My spheghetti
Hot and Sour Soup

Written from Toronto, home on August 25, 2020

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