2020 Ponders


Aug 1 – tired

Aug 2 – life boss against my life dreams

Aug 4 – last day off

Aug 5 – back to work

Aug 7 – wow leafs you proved me wrong

Aug 9 – never mind leafs you did not prove me wrong sigh another year … go raps

Aug 13 – setting up my ring alarm till 1AM

Aug 14 – Cheese sticks from Costco is damn good

Aug 19 – not feeling well

Aug 20 – feeling well…craving mcdonald’s 

Aug 21 – so much disrespect to the raptors..130 start come on 

Aug 22 – done marking 

Aug 23 – well I am an idiot I still have twitter

August 24 – no sleep baby boss giving me no sleep 

August 25 – fuck you COVID19

August 26 – stupid ring alarm went off

August 27 – stomach died

August 28 – addicted to gta v again

August 29 – Araya sushi pretty good

August 30 – need massage badly

August 31 – still need massage 

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